Part 2 | 2023 HoseTek Annual Meeting

Team Photoshoot

the fleet

Even though we were missing several team members, seeing such a large number of HoseTek vans making their way over to one of our clients jobsite for some photos was impressive, to say the least.

It is not often that we are able to take time away from helping customers on jobs, so when the opportunity presented itself, we went full steam ahead.


Ben Keaton

Chris Scott

John Chapman

Eric Baxter

Chuck Winchester

Andrew Sweat

Derrick Coulter

Grant Conklin

Jack Sanders

Stewart Brim

Nathan Trest

Trey Lovelace

Gary Cameron

Tom Bayer

Shawn Thomas

Ryan Seehafer

We are beyond excited for our 2024 HoseTek Annual Meeting

HoseTek - we come to you when the pressure is high.