Will HoseTek take my old hoses off my machine?

Yes - A HoseTek Mobile Van Specialist is fully equipped onsite to remove fully, fabricate hose assemblies and reinstall hoses on most all mobile and industrial machinery.

How much does the service cost?

Please contact your area HoseTek Mobile Van Specialist directly to learn about our competitive pricing structure. In most cases we are value-priced against similar service companies.

What if one of my hoses starts leaking during 3rd shift at the plant?

No problem. - HoseTek services are 24/7 - simply call your area HoseTek Mobile Van Specialist to work out scheduling details.

When will HoseTek be available in my area?

HoseTek is focused on providing service throughout the South East and eventually in other regions of the country. Stay tuned as we continue to grow our Mobile Van Specialist network, and please let us know if you think your area would be a good fit for HoseTek.