HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - JR Smith in Greenville SC

Meet the Team

Not everyone can become a HoseTek mobile hose specialist!

It takes a special blend of hydraulic knowledge, technical expertise and customer-centric focus to excel in this position. In every market we enter - we rigorously and painstakingly search for the best team members who can meet the challenging demands of this position.

HoseTek Mobile Hose Repair Technician With a Customer
highly qualified
"Fully Trained individuals"

We then fully train these individuals in a 4-6 week process before they take the wheel of a HoseTek van and come to you. This ensures our HoseTek team is well-suited to meet any and all demands they may see in the field.

HoseTek Mobile Hydraulic Hose Service
HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - Ben Keaton in Upstate SC

Ben Keaton | SC

Greenville / Upstate


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - JR Smith in Greenville SC

JR Smith | SC

Greenville / Upstate


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - Andrew Kirk in Greenville / Spartanburg, SC

Andrew Kirk | SC

Greenville / Spartanburg


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - Chris Scott in Greensboro NC

Chris Scott | NC

Greensboro / Triad Area


HoseTek Mobile Hose Service in Tennessee

Derrick Coulter | TN

Knoxville, TN


HoseTek Chattanooga TN, Tim Scott

Tim Scott | TN

Chattanooga, TN


HoseTek On Site Hydraulic Hose Repair

Gary Cameron | NC

Greensboro / Winston Salem, NC


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - John Chapman in Savannah, GA

John Chapman | GA

Savannah, GA


HoseTek Raleigh NC - Tom Bayer

Tom Bayer | NC

Raleigh, NC


Charlotte, NC Hydraulic Hose Repair - HoseTek Mobile

Eric Baxter

Charlotte, NC


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - Stewart Brim in Danville, VA

Stewart Brim | VA

Danville, VA


HoseTek Hose Repair Staff - Jack Sanders in Savannah, GA

Jack Sanders | GA

Savannah, GA


Andrew Sweat | AL

Birmingham, AL


Tri-Cities TN Hydraulic Hose Repair HoseTek

Chuck Winchester

Tri-Cities, TN


Shawn Thomas

Jacksonville, FL


Robert Serio

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