On Site Hydraulic Hose Repair for Carvana in Graham, NC

A few days ago we received a call from a customer that is well known in the automotive industry. You might be familiar with their concept as they pretty much put the whole "order your car online and have it delivered to you" thing on the map - this customer was none other than Carvana, and they were calling direct from their hub in Graham, North Carolina, just a few minutes away from Burlington, NC.

Hydraulic Hose Service for Carvana in Burlington, NC

Just like we admire their concept, they also happened to love ours - "we come to you when the pressure is high". 

Naturally, one of the hydraulic hoses that is attached to the valve responsible of controlling everything, failed. They had 2 choices:

1. Cease operations at this essential truck hub, spend 2 hours removing everything in the way to try to find the faulty hose, unhook several hydraulic lines and valves to remove the hose, find a hydraulic shop that you can trust, travel to the shop, hope they have the parts you need, wait on them to manufacture the hose, drive back to the job site, install the hose and everything else that was removed, test the repair, and finally call it a job done.


2. You do what Carvana did and call HoseTek to take care of it all for you. 

Chris, our Hydraulic Hose Specialist in Greensboro, NC took the call and was on site within 1 hour. He was able to get to work immediately and manufactured the hose on the spot using our wide range of hydraulic hose and fittings.

At the end of the job, the Carvana staff was highly satisfied and relieved to be able to resume operations in such a timely and efficient manner.

For us, it was a great experience to help out another customer and to see what all goes behind the scenes.

For emergency hydraulic hose repairs, call Hosetek. We offer 24 hour, on site service and have OUTSTANDING customer service and quality.

Hydraulic Hose Replacement in Burlington, NCEmergency Hydraulic Hose Repair in Burlington, NC

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