Mobile Hose Repair in Greensboro, NC - Chris Scott Helps Another Customer

Hose repair Greensboro NC

Chris Scott helps another customer with on site hose repair in Greensboro, NC.

When your equipment works as hard as you, we’re here to help with all of your hose needs.

Your equipment is used daily for rigorous tasks, exposed to the elements constantly and gets worn out over time. It’s inevitable for your hoses to blow and bring your projects to a screeching halt. Next time, stay put on the job and let us come fix the hose failure for you. We come to YOU when the pressure is high.

Contact Chris Scott and schedule your hydraulic hose repair project in Greensboro, at (336) 908-2951

HoseTek mobile hose repair Greensboro

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  • Tommy

    Chris showed up just as we agreed. Got the job done quickly on the hydraulic line on the leveling system of my RV. I was very pleased with the results and especially the price. Probably half of what it would cost just to “diagnose” much less repair at an RV repair shop.

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