HoseTek Performs Scheduled Maintenance at Georgia Pacific

When Georgia Pacific called and asked if we were up for a big job, we knew what we were in for... a full hydraulic hose replacement project came to fruition from this call.

Hydraulic Hose Repair in Macon, Georgia

Replacing each hydraulic hose was no easy task. To install each hose, you first had to make the journey up 3 flights of stairs in order to access their rotary pumps. 

Mobile hose repair in Macon, Georgia
One of the challenges faced during this project was meeting our two day deadline. This required us to bring the extra guns: 2 highly trained Mobile Hose Specialists aka "HoseTeks". Each specialist brought their mobile hydraulic shop along with a full arsenal of Continental Hose & Fittings.
Mobile Hose Repair in Georgia
Together, Ben and Kevin were able to remove and replace the most vital hydraulic hoses in this Georgia Pacific plant. When this customer called, we quoted, communicated, and executed a full turn key, scheduled maintenance project.
To keep your equipment operating at its best, call HoseTek - We come to you when the pressure is high.
Mobile Hydraulic Hose Service in Macon Georgia

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